The International Association of Neuro Linguistic Psychology and the acronym IANLP, is a non- for- profit, non-governmental, scientific and professional organization. The purpose of the IANLP is to help advance the theory, methods and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, psychology and other therapies based on scientific evidences. IANLP brings together Neuro Linguistic Psychology/ programming practitioners, NLP trainers, psychologists, educationists, therapy practitioners, and policy makers from the Asia Pacific region and beyond, to discuss Neuro Linguistic Psychology/ Programming, to share experiences, knowledge, generate research based evidences of applications of NLP in various settings including schools, educational institutes, public and private companies, therapy. IANLP aims at disseminating right information provide opportunities for NLP education; build skills through training; collaborate/ network and connect the practitioners/ professionals with people to make an empowering impact in the lives and career.


The IANLP is an international professional platform is committed for making whole NLP and other therapies and psychology related practitioners into a new level of professional standards with research, training, accreditation and experience sharing. It also endorses value of work by other global professional NLP organizations.



To be a global destination for professionally driven, research-evidence based organization for individuals, organizations interested in NLP and applicable related fields / other psychological therapies or practices.


To promote NLP and other human transformational therapies and practices globally widely through professionalism, quality standards, integrity, research and networking among humanity.


  • Professionalism:International Association of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (IANLP) as an organization is aimed at setting global standards and facilitate scientific, evidence based research on NLP and related therapy practices and bring the scientific work to the day to day practitioners, academic professionals through training, facilitation and dissemination of knowledge through print, electronic and social media. The members, trainers and practitioners involved in the association are given guidelines in adhering to standards set to promote professionalism in practice.
  • Quality Standards:The professional standards and regulations by IANLP are derived from rich experience of practitioners and those involved in research on NLP and related therapies for the past few decades and the reliable, replicable models, strategies and results are shared among members. While IANLP certified standards meet all available NLP related practice and training standards globally, it is building new professional standards to take the whole practice of NLP and related fields into next level and hence IANLP is associating with professionals with rich experience to provide a flat-form for setting the standards beyond the current practices.
  • Networking:IANLP facilitates and supports networking among their members, encourage communication among NLP and other researchers, NLP practitioners,   other therapists, individuals and organizations questing for sustainable, reliable transformations. We encourage professional conferences, meetings, seminars, associations with academic institutions.