The presence and association of IANLP is unique across the globe. The fundamental differences and advantages of IANLP include:

  • More than 20 years of experience from psychology and NLP
  • Focus on education, training, research, operational research and evidence based information dissemination through national and international level conferences
  • A unique effort to involve professionals from diversified backgrounds (NLP practitioners, NLP trainers, psychologists, educationists, therapy practitioners, and researchers, policy makers) in the field of Neuro Linguistic Psychology
  • The connection between human potential development /self actualization/ map-reality context and the roots of such context in the traditional wisdom of India are well recognized and appreciated by IANLP and it’s work.
  • We believe that what really makes us stand out from the crowd is our total independence.

This means that IANLP is the organization with an “expanded paradigm of Neuro Linguistic Psychology” beyond Neuro Linguistic Programming.